Atal Shiksha Kendra is a e-learning initiative of Atal Foundation (An UNGC Participant, ISO 9001:2015 Certified Charitable Trust), offering online schooling and vocational and professional educations to all. Due to pandemic youth and children are not able to complete education and in rural area of country even infrastructure is a concern. Considering these challenges Atal Shiksha Kendra launched Schooling program for all existing school students and affiliated schools across country.

Online Schooling Project was launched in June 2020, and since 2020 we are expanding our reach in different cities and states and providing educational supports to schools and students.

Presently Atal Shiksha Kendra is offering online courses from class Vth onwards and along-with Schooling Atal Shiksha Kendra is offering Skill Based Vocational Programs, Competitive Exams, and Various IT Programs. Presently We are offering 45+ Programs and in association with 150+ schools across country we are expanding our association with schools.