English Speaking program is ideal for individual who needs to enhance their English speaking level skills to boost confidence and get ready to face the world.
This spoken English course offers effective learning sessions to students who need to work on their English fluency level, or want to study or travel abroad. With the spoken English class/ course, students can prepare to appear for competitive examinations.. With the hi-tech world and technological advancements, it’s high time to remove hesitation while speaking to English nationals/speakers .To be precise, the entire course is designed to help the trainee achieve ability to communicate effectively in real life situations. Our course content offers balanced approach to learning the English language while focusing on the skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing English.
Our Spoken English program comprises of basic phonetics, essential grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation of words, English language skills of Public speaking and much more.

Age grp-8-12 yrs., above 12 yrs.
Course duration: 3 months

Vedic Mathematics is an Indian system of mathematics having its origin from ancient Indian Vedas  ( Atharv Veda) discovered by a great mathematician scholar Jagadguru Shri Bharti Krishna Tirthaji in early 19th century.  The concept of Vedic Maths is completely based on 16 Sutra’s (formulas) and 13 sub -sutras. It is a system which makes all the complexities of mathematics simple and easy.  It can be used in all the dimensions of mathematics like arithmetic, algebra, geometry, calculus, conics.

The PTT course is a special endeavor in the field of primary education.

The course trains the teachers to develop their distinctive teaching and professional skills with comprehensive knowledge about the impactful pedagogical theories of primary education. Through the course, the candidates become well adapt in their dream profession and act as a guiding light for the young learners.

NTT is an undergraduate course which deals with good preschool curriculum.

Nursery teachers training course trains teachers who aims to be successful preschool teachers and facilitate learning of young minds. This course enables the teachers to understand child psychology, growth and development, health & nutrition, cognitive development, instructional strategies of Nursery & Kindergartens sections. The aspiring teachers will learn the advanced methodologies of teaching along with classroom management and conducting interactive activities (by different practical approaches) for children to make the learning experience more enjoyable.